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Eloqua is a leading platform designed for precision in B2B marketing automation, enabling you to create tailored engagement journeys and gain actionable insights from your marketing campaigns' results

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Eloqua delivers an intricate understanding of your leads by assimilating interactions and data sources. This ensures that every prospect is catered to with precision. Refine your lead nurturing strategies leveraging the depth of insights Eloqua provides and guide them effectively towards conversion.

Eloqua's premier marketing automation capabilities empower you to disseminate consistent and individualized content across diverse channels such as email, web, mobile, and social. Amplify every touchpoint to cultivate stronger and more enduring relationships with your audience.

Tap into Eloqua's sophisticated engagement tools to ensure your messages resonate at the most impactful moments. By synchronizing your content delivery with the nuances of the customer's journey, you cultivate richer loyalty and elevate your chances of conversion.

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Everyday we continue to design and deliver innovative Eloqua solutions to the world’s largest brands with a professional blend of certified technical expertise to optimize your customer experiences, relationships, and success.

Ensure your Eloqua investment generates more measurable revenue with either a turn-key or customized strategy to meet your goals. Build and leverage your marketing automation platform to meet the complex needs of enterprise with a team of leading marketing automation experts, consultants, and strategists.

As a Eloqua certified partner and a leader in marketing automation design and best practice, Couch & Associates develop a strategies that work to ensure your teams are supported in meeting your business objectives. We offer a full breadth approach where we implement, integrate, and optimize your people, processes, and technologies.

We always start with a strategy that will work to ensure we help support your teams in meeting your business objectives.

With over 15 years of experience and 150,000 consulting hours across 200 enterprise businesses globally, and numerous awards, we understand your challenges and have the expertise to solve them.

I am proud of the team, relationships, partnerships, and solutions we have built over the years. Above are a few of our award-winning Consultants, which we hope to introduce to you in the near future.

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